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What Cross Connections offers

With over 20-years of experience, we understand all the ins and outs of the carriers/vendors, their products, contracts and how best to implement solutions whether it be phone systems, Internet access, cloud services, we know how each service affects the others and the gotchas to when you make changes or want to make changes. Since we represent all options we are better suited to find the best solution for clients. Because of personal experiences working directly for carriers for many years, we better know how to navigate the providers.  We have worked with and supplied many valuable solutions to all different sizes and types of organizations. Our knowledge and experience is a valuable resource to any organization.  


Maximize your network, increase productivity and reduce costs by working with Cross Connections

After 18-years of working directly for providers and carriers in the industry we are best suited to help your organization. 

 In 2016, we started Cross Connections, our own telecommunications consulting firm. After teaching others how to do it for 18 years (Comming from Bell Labs background with Lucent Technologies, then EarthLink and Windstream as a Channel Manager).  We now work as an independent agent for every telecom/Internet/Cloud providers.   


Let's talk

Our knowledge and experience is a valuable resource to any organization.  Let's sit down for an hour to discuss how Cross Connections' experience can help  your organization.